Sunday, December 6, 2009

So it turns out that it is really easy

to unfill up the card in my camera. Told you I was an amateur when it comes to cameras. So I have been able to take a whole bunch more pictures. This post will be more non-tree Christmas decorating. I think I will save the tree for next time since it takes so long to upload.

Let's start with the other side of the front door. I really like that sleigh but it is big. The denim bear fits it pretty well. So many things look just flat lost in it. I finished him just in time! Here is the top of my china cabinet. You should be able to double click on the pictures to make them bigger in case you want to see more detail.
These primitive snowmen sat in the sleigh last year. I thnk I like them better over here.
This is an old drafting table in the corner of my dining room. I always have a good time setting up displays on it. Mr THQ always gives me a hard time about leaving no surface unfilled and that is certainly true about this one.
Another Christmas quilt. I have to move benches around to fit in the Christmas tree so this one ends up against the wall.
This little sled had fabric snowmen glued on it when we found it at DI. I have been reading prim blogs and I suppose I should follow their lead and add some walnut stain to this to make it look older but it looks so much better this colour and without the fabric snowmen that it may just stay like this. I told you I was not a purist!
Now those bells are truly prim! There are 3 of them and they are so big I have a hard time finding the right place to put them. I kind of like them in this box, another thrifted find. I have thought of thumbtacking them to the ceiling but I am afraid they would come down and conk someone in the head. I spent years running building materials centers and one thing I learned was to think about the worst that could happen with a display. Because it surely would.
I really like some of the things Hallmark comes out with but I always have to wait until after Christmas when they go on sale. These bunnies are from a few years back.
One of the things I like about this house is how much space I have over the kitchen cabinets. Many of things up here stay here all year. Sure looks like I like red now, doesn't it?
My gingerbread area is on the left side of this picture. Now if I would just get that gingerbread wall hanging basted and quilted I could show a longer shot.
I'm not sure when I will be able to get a good picture of my baker's rack since it stands in front of a window. This is my "perky" area. Oh, I found the blog that had that "perky" and "murky" line in it -- it is Not only was it a great line, I love her patterns and fabrics too.
I also do a little Christmas in the flag room. You can't quite see the runner in this pic but it is a Marimekko from the late '60's. And yes, I have been dragging it around with me for that long. When we first got married I was all yellow shag, black and white houndstooth, chrome and glass modern if you can believe it!
A little closer view of the dresser top.
And the flag room tree. Hmmm, guess I actually have two trees with a theme!
Oh, there's still one pic left. These Annalee figures were my mom's and they came back to me. Mr THQ made the little chest for me years ago. I just noticed that the two green drawers and two blue drawers are in a row. I like them to be all mixed up. Wonder how long I haven't noticed???
Okay, tree next post. Promise.


  1. I enjoyed seeing all your holiday decorating, especially the snowmen.

  2. Love your blog! Your decorating looks great :o)

  3. You have reminded me that I have a sleigh that looks like the one in your first photo. Hmmmmm. I wonder where it is?! LOL!