Sunday, April 11, 2010

Continuing saga of the stashlets

Another weekend, another pile of stashlets. I almost have enough made now for what I have in mind. I actually am working on the last one but ran short of time today. You will have to wait for next time to see that one. Meanwhile, here is this week's production.

You know I don't do a lot of blue quilts but for this purpose blue is good I think because most people seem to like blue and don't have my prejudice against it. I like this one. Another citrus-y one.
And on to another blue. Some of these blue fabrics are old, old, old since they are from my blue period. It is nice to get to use some up
I decided to make another of these. But only one more as all the little squares do get tedious. Since this image is patriotic it seemed right to add some red into the squares.
This one actually looks tons better in real life than in the photo. The various shades of purple actually look really ygood together.
I like this one alot. Yesterday apparently was my red, white and blue day as these two were the first ones finished. I used to buy my fabrics at JoAnns and So Fro and the other companies that JoAnns seemed to buy up. Lot's of these fabrics are from those days. Mainly it was an issue of price. These days I am definitely a quilt shop fabric snob. Even though it kills me to pay $9.00 plus per yard. Not that JoAnns is so cheap anymore. I still buy backs there and even when they have sales the prices aren't as good as they used to be.

Here is the other RWB one. I don't like it quite so much although Mr THQ seemed to like it alot.
This project was not nearly so much fun this weekend as last. I think it is because I have been pretty bummed out about everything the last few days. Among other things my sewing room was a complete mess from having so much fabric out for this project. And I had un-decorated for Easter and just hauled everything up and plopped it on the floor and my tables. I think the degree of mess finally got to me so I got the fabric re-stashed and the Easter goodies put away. (Except for the ceramic eggs still on the mantel that I didn't even notice until a few minutes ago -- it seems like I always totally miss something!)

So once I finish up the 9 patches for the last stashlet it is time to get back to quilting all the quilts I pinned a while back -- remember that? Starting to quilt my way through that pile was what I was doing when my machine took a dive and had to go to the hospital for a little TLC.

Anyway I can't pin all these until I quilt enough of the larger quilts to free up my pins. So next weekend it will be time to get the gloves on and get going!

So as I was getting ready to publish I changed the font to Trebuchet. It is one of my favourites. I always have to change it because I can't figure out how to make it the default font. Anyway, changing it made me remember an article in our local paper recently. It said that if you are tring to save ink or toner you should always use a font with a serif because they are generally thinner so they use less ink. Times New Roman was recommended. Eeuw. I just don't like fonts with serifs and is there a more boring font than TNR?? I guess I will just be an ink waster! And proud of it!


  1. I enjoy your blog and pop in often. Decide to say hello today. Spare a thought for us in Australia who pay around $24 a metre for good fabric. $9 sound wonderful. With the exchange rate and postage we are still better off buying online. Love those "shipping free" offers that surface from time to time. I have a heap of greens that I need to use up. Thank you for the ideas.

  2. The blue work patriotic piece is my favorite! I remember seeing the pattern on the internet somewhere but have not seen it made up.

  3. You have been a very busy and productive girl! Good for you! Love seeing all your work, can't wait to see some of your finished quilts soon!

  4. Despite the Easter mess you have been very productive. Love all the little stashlets.