Sunday, April 25, 2010

How do you like my "new" machine?

She's an old Bernina 830. And she is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. How did she come to be you ask? Well, since I had finally finished enough stashlets for my purpose I figured it was time to quilt the quilts I had pinned a while back. I can't baste anything else until I free some of my pins!

So early yesterday morning I pulled out the quilt I had been quilting when my sewing machine decided not to play nicely back in February. Remember that? It was gone for almost 2 weeks. For some reason when it came back I didn't resume quilting, just piecing. And my machine pieced just fine. But quilt? No, it would not. Same exact problem. So I packed it up (remembering the power cord this time) and took it back to the LQS. Coincidentally the repair man was on site as was the primary owner of the machine side of the business. We tried the "brick" test and a few other things, and of course, nothing seemed wrong. The consensus was that it was my foot pedal or the motor. So the easiest thing to do was loan me another foot pedal so I could test.

So home again, and guess what? I know you know the answer. It was not the foot pedal. So back to the LQS. While we discussed the possible cost of replacing the motor (not as bad as you might think) and whether one was on order or not, the main thing going through my head of course, was how long would the machine be gone. As we were finishing up the discussion Linda asked if I had anything at home to sew on. And then offered me the loaner machine. It came with lots of feet, but no manual. No problem. When I was a teenager I babysat for a family who had done a tour of duty in Japan and brought back a Japanese machine. Since there was no sewing machine at my house and I was learning to sew in home ec they let me use it. And since all the instructions and markings were in Japanese I had to figure out everything on my own. So an older Bernina hardly represents a challenge at all!

I finished the quilt that had so long been partially done, made binding, applied it, and even started quilting on another. This is a wonderful machine! The older mostly metal ones have such a different sound from the newer ones made out of more plastic. The only thing I use all the time that it is lacking is a needle down option. But you can manage the needle position with the foot pedal. So long as you remember that is!

Anyway, what looked like it was going to be a not very good day at all turned into a great one. Now that is customer service, isn't it?

So, finally I have another finish for 2010. Only my second one. Oh, well, many more to come. Another scrappy quilt, of course, and one that includes my favourite block!

And the only possible name for it don't you think, is "Quiltus Interruptus".


  1. Fantastic of my favorite blocks too!!

  2. You have had more than your share of machine problems. The loaner machine enabled you to have a great finish to a quilt.

  3. A Bernina 830 is a wonderful machine. In fact the man that services my machines says it is the best sewing machine ever made or ever will be made. I love mine.