Sunday, April 4, 2010

Stashlets, stashlets everywhere

And still not quite enough although I am getting close. It's really amazing how much using the already sewn blocks has sped up this process! And look, I have even made binding for a couple of them! This has been a lot of fun although I am afraid I am getting obsessed with it. I am really enjoying finding really weird things in my stash and figuring out a way to use them. But last night I found myself dreaming about how I was going to make one. So I got up and made it!

Don't look too closely at this next one. This was a block that definitely did not come out right. Either I sewed it poorly or trimmed it poorly but there is hardly a point that did not get lopped off. Dressed up though, it is almost cute, or at least no longer forlorn! One thing I have noticed is that I seem to be making borders way too wide. I have been cutting down the inside ones but have decided to leave the outside ones until they are quilted. I have also been doing lots of "un-sewing" since sometimes I don't realize a better way until I have put some of the pieces together. I guess I should be planning better in advance but it seems like it is more fun to just "free-sew". Uh, oh, speaking of "un-sewing" I spy a twisted block I had not noticed before in this one. Oh, well, it's a planned mistake now!
I particularly had difficulty with this one and it ended up with more center stripes and blocks than I intended. I am not quite sure why but everytime I tried to put it together the white ended up next to white and the green next to green. To make it worse I was watching Martha Stewart while I was working on it. I guess the more perfect she was the more imperfect I was!
For some reason some of the colours on this one really washed out in the picture. The green is light, but not THIS light.
A little more of the happy bluebird fabric. There is only the tiniest bit of it left now.
This pattern is wonderful for using up stray blocks. Half square triangles and 4 patches are easy to come by in my block stash and this pattern uses them up!
It's hard to believe it is April already and that quilt show season is approaching. A quilty friend and I made plans last week for our first show of the season the last week in April. And wouldn't you know it's in eastern Idaho and we will have to drive right by my very favourite quilt shop in Rupert. How d'ya like that!
I have not ever been to any shops in Pocatello or Idaho Falls so am really looking forward to getting a chance to do that. Hmm, better stop in Rupert on the way home or there won't be any funds for the new shops!


  1. Wow! You have been very productive! Lovely job on all of them!

  2. You work is very beautiful, my dear. Thank you for sharing. Happy Quilting!