Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So what do you think?

Which sashing looks the best? Help me decide. This one is a light green gingham like thing from DS from JoAnns. This one is a kind of dull green with dots.

A bright pink with dots. April Cornell from JoAnns.

Followed by an older Michael Miller light aqua dot.

Or what I originally thought I was going to use -- a kind of acid green texture.

I thought taking pics of all of them and looking at them on the screen as well as on the floor would help. But of course the colours on the screen are not like real life, so it hasn't helped. But you can, what do you think? Let's crowdsource this question!


  1. the acid green makes the blocks pop and plays nice with the border fabric
    that would be my choice!
    great quilt btw!

  2. I like the dull green and the bright pink because they seem like the right color value to go with the other colors.

  3. I like the dull green and the pink....even before I read Ferne's choice above!

  4. Beautiful! Churn Dashes are Classic , like good rock and old movies!! They always feel good and look good! As for your sashing...The dull green has a great texture! But I'm liking the aqua because it picks up the aqua in the border fabric, especially if you also bind it in the aqua. My humble opinion! :-) If the aqua is too matchy-matchy :-D for you, then go with the dull green, and bind with it, too, to pull it all together!
    Mary L

  5. I like the acid green but they all work.