Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Brain is a funny thing

So I am sitting here with both my work laptop and my home laptop running side by side. Two 'puters as my grandson says since whenever he comes to visit that is the requirement -- one for him and one for his sister. Anyway, there is only one mouse and it is attached to the work one since the touch pad is slower for the task at hand but is just fine for reading blogs. (I told you work had been exceptionally worky lately. And there is significant waiting around time for all the work connectivity layers to get me what I need -- time that can be spent seeing what everyone is doing.)

Anyway, even though I KNOW the mouse is attached to the work laptop I keep trying to use it for the blogging laptop. OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! What is up with that? Oh, well.

Yesterday I headed up to Council, ID for the first day of their quilt show and the luncheon with a few quilty friends. I took TONS of pictures that I will be sharing as soon as I can get them uploaded. Lisa Bongean from Primitive Gatherings was the speaker at the luncheon and she was terrific. Rather than just doing an hour or so lecture (not that there is anything wrong with that), she basically did a class on dyeing and felting wool. She spoke for about 2 hours including a phenomenal show and tell.

We didn't get to the luncheon early enough to get a seat from which I could take pictures, but just imagine seeing tons of the wool things on her website in person. And getting to touch them and samples of her wool. It is so soft to the touch it is amazing. I have made a couple of things from her patterns since you know I LOVE primitive but not anything with wool. That is about to change!

But I don't think I will be dying anything any time soon -- DH would be horrified at the mess that I would surely make, but it was great to learn the ins and outs. Plus she had some great hints. My favourite was to use a drafting circle template (see what I am talking about here) to make circles rather than tracing around things. That is such a good idea for me since when I trace I seem to move the object so my beginning and end do not meet. Duh, why didn't I think of that?!

I think I mentioned I had been doing some tidying and sorting in the sewing room. My fabric stacks were tumbling over onto each other so it was definitely time. I decided to pull my fat quarters out and store them separately since there are some Buggy Barn patterns high on my list to do. I don't buy alot of fat quarters. Or so I thought. Just look at this overflowing basket of them!!! And yesterday I bought 11 more because they were 1.65 each and if you bought 10 you got the 11th for free! That's another funny thing about the brain -- selective memory!

I found some metal planter boxes (I think) at the thrift store that I can stand on end and if I fold the fat quarters correctly they should just fit in. That will make them easy to see so that I can pick the ones I want without having to pull all of them out. Here are a couple of pictures of my nice pretty stacks. I didn't think to take the befores, just the afters.

They make me smile just to look at them! On the way back from Council we were discussing how much stash we each have. It's good to know we are not alone with this urge.
Show pictures will be coming in a few days. I want to thank Kim for mentioning me in her blog. I had followed her long before I started blogging myself and it was certainly a thrill for me! Although the watermelons are now dispersed and I am working on a patriotic display. I will show you that as soon as I finish it too. Boy, lots of promises in this post! And links, too. I sure hope they work.


  1. You have a lot of fabric! It looks very pretty all stacked up like that! Sounds like a great time at the quilt show!

  2. The stacks of fabric - magnificent! It makes me want to run my hands down each stack. You can't have too much.

  3. Love all your stacks of fabric. Sounds like you learned a lot. I like the templates. I use a sizzix to cut my perfect circles for penny rugs.