Sunday, June 21, 2009

Council quilt show, part one

At last I have had a chance to upload some of the pictures I took at the Council quilt show last Saturday. I took quite a few but as you already know, I am not the best photographer. Also I tend to take pictures of single blocks or other bits and pieces that I want to remember. So with that disclaimer, let's go to Council. I thought this one was really cute. I liked the crayon colours and the rick rack.
This one was really cute. You probably can't tell, but their tails were 3D. I don't usually like batiks but this is a great use of them.
More bright colours. I likeall the borders, too.
There were lots of row by row quilts.
The show is held in a school all purpose room so the lighting is not always the best. This is a nice wool pillow. They always add lots of props and accessories at this show. It's a nice touch.
I love sampler and scrap quilts and I thought this one had great colours.

This one is not really something I would make. For some reason butterflies just do not appeal to me, but I liked the flowers.
I especially like the way one petal of each flower is a different fabric. I thought the black blanket stitch was interesting too contrasting to the light bright colours.
I couldn't get back far enough to get this entire quilt. I like stars and I think the fabric choices are really interesting.
Well, that's all for tonight. I still have more to share, and then some from the Emmett quilt show yesterday. And next week is the Boise guild's show. June is quite a month for quilt lovers in Idaho!


  1. I find the giraffe quilt to be very interesting! I like the colors and the theme.