Monday, June 29, 2009

More Quilts from the Council Quilt Show as Promised

This is the west after all, and there are always some cowboy quilts. I think this is a cute way to use a panel print. Of course I would since it is red, white, and blue and has stars. And here is one that uses the giant rick rack that I have been seeing everywhere. With a cute checkerboard border too. Cute, cute, cute.
I have done a lot of cross stitch but have not ventured into stitchery. I have a technical question. Maybe someone out there can help me. When you do the stitches in a row, do you go back into the same hole or next to it? It seems to me that to get a nice smooth line you would use the same holes. Do you?
Anyway, this one is really cute I think. I love the mix of stitchery and patchwork. The nice crayon colours are nice too.
And while we are on the kitchen theme, isn't this little apron one adorable? Perfect for thirties prints. Cute, cute, cute.
This one was done by the driver of our little group. She told us on the way up that she had everything ready to go for years. Then she got married and they bought a camper and she just had to make this quilt for the camper. Remember that wine commercial where they said something about no wine before its time? Well sometimes you just can't make a quilt before its time, know what I mean?
It's funny, too, Mr THQ brings me quilt books from the library from time to time and it just so happens he brought me "Patchwork Quilts Made Easy" by Jean Wells. And this quilt is on the cover. In my picture you cannot see the pine tree border, but it's there just like in the picture. Cue the old "Twilight Zone" music!
Hope you enjoy these quilts. Can't remember if I have more from Council or if it's time to move on to the Emmet quilt show but there are lots more to come.

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  1. I like the rickrack quilt and the log cabin quilt!