Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back to the Emmett Quilt Show

I thought maybe I could finish up with the Emmett show pictures but I think it will take one more post after this one. And we still have the Boise show to go. How lucky was I? 3 quilt shows in 3 weeks. Last week I was suffering withdrawal -- not another local show until August.

So, let's start with this one. Obviously a prize winner. And deservedly so. Love the colours, too. Here is a cute one that I could do. Not like the first one where the applique would be too much for me.
This one is right up my alley. Red, white, and blue, and very, very scrappy. With little fussy cut sailors. Simple and happy.

I aplogize as I forgot to rotate this one. The center is one pice of interesting fabric. This is a good way to use a fabric you just don't want to cut into. I wanted to remember the idea since I always have something I hesitate to cut and without a picture to remind me I would have forgotten about it already. A friend of work calls it CRS disease -- can't remember sssss.........
Love the long pillow. I have a similar pattern but it is flowers, not birds. Hard to display at a show. I certainly emathize as I spent years on the committee for the Boise show. Some things are just hard to do justice to. (I know you are not supposed to end a sentence with a prepostion but I just can't figure out how to rearrange this one, oh, well.)

Since Mr THQ was with me he took the photos. (Talk about point and shoot -- I point and he shoots.) He really liked this one as do I. The colour gradations are great. Here is a great scrap quilt that has lot's of old fabrics like I still have in my stash. Lot's of '70's and '80's stuff. Remember when it was virtually impossible to find much in the way of 100% cotton except little tiny prairie flowers? Boy have things changed! I was just reading "The Quilter's Catalog" by Meg Cox and Elara Tanguy that Mr THQ got from the library for me and there was an interesting discussion of how quilting saved the fabric business. Department stores were phasing out their fabric departments as all us women left the house for the work world and stopped sewing. Then we quilters came along and guess what -- we wanted fabric -- lots and lots of it in great designs. Yay us! (As long as I am criticizing my grammar, wonder why it sounds right for us women to leave the house but we quilters. Try it, we women left the house and us quilters came along. Phew, tonight I just give up. It is what it is!)

Love the plaids in this one. I gravitate to quilts with plaids and love the way they look. But I just don't seem to find plaids I really like. I don't know why that is. The quilt that is on my header is my favourite all time plaid quilt I have made and even it contains plaids I didn't really like but settled for because I wanted plaids.
Here is a simple pinwheel block that just looks super. I like the pale to bright to pale arrangement of the blocks. Kind of like a watercolour quilt. Sort of. Nice effect.
As you know I love Christmas and this applique quilt is just darling. Interesting to mix the traditional blocks with the gingerbread men.
Okay, next time we will finish Emmett. Promise. Hope you are enjoying coming along to these shows.


  1. I've enjoyed your blog. I really really love scrappy quilts and so it was fun to visit.

  2. Oohhh the red/white and blue one of course are my favorite. Thanks for the show.