Sunday, July 5, 2009

Emmet Quilt Show Part One

The Emmett quilt show is part of the Cherry Festival. Every year we take our cherry red car to pick cherries and then go to the quilt show. Freezeout hill is a great Miata ride! This year the cherries were just barely ready because of the cold wet spring we have had. The trees are just loaded and it's really easy to fill several buckets. We had over 8 pounds in just a few minutes!
Emmett is in a beautiful valley -- the valley of plenty. Mr THQ was reading about the festival and there are only 10% of the fruit trees there now that there were just a few years ago. My company used to have a location in Emmett and I spent quite a bit of time there. Definitely more fruit trees then than now. The orchards that are left hug the side of a ridge and are really busy during the festival.
It seems no matter how hard I try I always seem to get some of my pictures in the wrong order. This is the back of a little quilt that you will see the front of in just a minute. I love the way the quilter did the extra on the back. And the puzzle shape quilting is cute cute cute.

Blue and yellow quilts are not usually my favourite but this one really struck me because of the different fabric styles -- batiks, whimsical, countryish. And it has stars and checkerboards.
This is the second year that this table has been in my pictures. Actually we have quite a few pictures of it because I have asked Mr THQ to make me one like it. Meanwhile we can visit every year and see what quilts it dislays. I like the colours and of course the prim look of this little quilt. This is another Buggy Barn pattern. I have this one but have not made it. I like the way the border was done. I don't remember if that is part of the pattern or if this quilter added it but it sure looks good. Interesting to see a Buggy Barn pattern in bright colours, don't you think? A friend of mine just visited the Buggy Barn shop and said she was surprised at how small it is.
Here is another star quilt. I seem to always gravitate to stars of virtually any type.
I love the sunflower border on this one. And it has a house too, a tall one. I like applique quilts but unless I can do the applique by machine blanket stitch I am unlikely to ever make a quilt like this one.
Guess what, here is another one with stars. I like the use of colours.
Hope you like these. More next time.

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