Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Finishing up the Council pics

This is the last of the pictures from the Council show. One of my favourite blocks is churn dash or monkey wrench. I am not sure what the difference between them is but I like it and have made alot of quilts using it. I love this block with one inside of the other. I am going to copy this idea for sure. Here's another use of this block. This time inside a star. This quilt was really cool because all the centers were different block. I am always looking for good star ideas and this is a great one. The other thing I really like about this quilt is the little goldish corner squares in the corners of the stars. Another great idea.

These next few blocks are really cool. The centers are totally cross stitched and
look how the patchwork border echos the center. Very clever, don't you think? This one is my favourite. I love this cross stitched center. The colours look so alive.

Here is one more. I think cross stitching the flying geese might be easier than sewing them. Less risk of blunting the points! And the cross stitch and dark fabric are so perfect together.

Switching gears, here is a great fall quilt. Fall is my favouite season. I love anything with pumpkins.
The character lines on all the pumpkins were all large hand embroidery stitches. I thought I had a better picture than this, but I think you get the idea. A nice touch. I would never have thought to do it since I am so reluctant to do hand work. This is from one of the Threads books I think. I am sure I have it and if I weren't so lazy tonight I would go upstairs and find the book. Oh, well, that's not a gonna happen! After all, two posts tonight and that's enough to wear out anyone!

Next time I will share pictures from the Emmett show. And then after we see those there are the ones from the Boise show! Lot's to come.

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  1. Love the quilts. Especially the pumpkins.