Friday, July 17, 2009

Okay, time to finish up the Emmett show pics

Well, blogger has finally decided to let me upload the last of the pictures we took at the Emmett quilt show. I'm not quite sure why I wanted a picture of this one since it's been so long now since we went to the show. Wouldn't be because of the colours. Nor the fabric style. I do like how the simple blocks go together. Maybe that's why -- ideas for putting together simple scrappy blocks. I like 9 patches so that must be it. Now I know why I wanted a picture of this one. I love the use of the ant fabric! What a cute picnic quilt. I remember seeing this fabric a few years ago. Now I am going to have to go hunting to see if I can find any.
This was a really cute applique quilt. I don't seem to have a picture of the whole thing. I love the houses and the snowmen, but I think what I was trying to get here was the train. I like the combination of applique and patchwork blocks, too.
I wanted to remember this little basket in the corner of this quilt. Isn't it really cute? I don't recall seeing anything like it before. The plaids look so much like wicker, too.
Oh,I didn't realize that there were peacock feathers in this shot. Almost more feathers than quilt. There are quite a few peacocks around here. The sound of their cry makes me think of watching old Tarzan movies or Jungle Jim on TV when I was a kid. Do you remember the jungle sounds in the background? I always thought it was monkeys, but now I recognize lots of those sounds as belonging to peacocks.
Doesn't it seem that at every quilt show there are chicken quilts? Poor worm! And this quilt is the home of the basket corner blocks.
Sure has taken me a long time to share these pictures, now hasn't it? And, remember, we still have the Boise show to visit.
I have one more quilt I am trying to finish for July. I am in the process of sewing on the binding so it should happen. I know you are thinking we are only half past July so there is plenty of time. But work has been cutting into my sewing time, even on Saturdays! grandkids are coming to visit next week for a few days so we will be delightfullly busy. We have lots of plans and the weather is supposed to be good. I am even absolutely positively going to take off those days and bury the blackberry so we can play.

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  1. That is a cute basket in the corner of the quilt. And the chicken quilt is a hoot!