Sunday, November 1, 2009

November already

So since I got too enthusiastic at the end of this post getting rid of extra spaces I inadvertently cut this picture. Since this is a long post and I can't figure out how to move it you will just have to avert your eyes until you get to the end of the post and then come back and have a look at it! And if anyone out there in blogland can tell me how to make the copy and paste function work or how to move pictures I will be eternally grateful! I was realizing while I was sewing this morning that the recorded shows I watch/listen to when sewing most often when nothing on TV appeals to me that I actually recorded them last November and December. So the Christmas ads are just about correctly timed now! Time most certainly does fly. Here another week has gone by -- it was a quick one -- probably helped by the fact that I took Wednesday off and went with a friend to The Gathering Place in Rupert, Idaho, my most favourite shop and well worth the 3 hour drive to get there.

I took a few pictures. As I was waiting them to load up I was thinking about the fact that this shop doesn't have the cute little displays and vignettes that usually appeal to me about a shop. But what it does have is bolt after bolt of fabric and tons of samples. On my first few visits they seemed to specialize in more "primitive" styles and now they have a more diverse offering. But still enough "prim" to keep me happy.
This shop is so overwhelming that it is almost (but not quite) too hard for me to spend money because I just can't decide what to buy!
As you know, my photographic skills are not spectacular, but I think you can get an idea of what the shop is like.
And I just took a few pics from near the front door.
And then Friday was our Halloween dress up day at work. My group always tries to come up with a theme and this year it was bugs! Everyone did a great job on their costume. I am in this pic but I won't tell you which one is me...

In comments someone asked which Schnibbles pattern I had made. I would have answered sooner but my sewing room was such a mess due to rearranging for my new computer desk that it took me awhile to find it! It is called "Plan C". It is shown in the bright Christmas fabric from last year. The desk is now in place with brand new knobs and ready for Mr THQ to finish setting up my computer. The knobs were $1.99 apiece so the 2 drawer knobs cost almosts as much as the desk! Still a great deal for under $10 and I am excited to have a computer upstairs with me.
I have a few finishes for October to share. Much better production this month! This first one started as some scrappy pastelly 9 patches and ended up making a cute baby girl quilt I think.
More scrappy 9 patches -- obviously I was stockpiling them at one point. This one is now a little table runner.
I made this one after that Schnibble pattern. I thought this was another but it is actually a pattern from "This & That". I used a 4 Seasons charm pack. It didn't have enough light squares so I had to add from my stash. I didn't like it at all when I finished it because the center square just seemed wrong. I also don't like the gold sparkly fabric I ended up using for the binding. It was left over from an Oriental style quilt I made for my MIL a long time ago. But once I completed the binding I decided I like it after all. I am not sure I have ever used a light binding on a darker quilt before but it looks right on this one.
And, last but not least, how do you like this scrappy back? I don't usually do this kind of thing but I was trying to use things up.
And when you turn it over, voila! Remember the quilt that needed to be saved? Here it is, all finished. Instead of wadding it up in a ball and throwing it in a corner in a fit of pique I removed all the sashing and resewed the blocks together without any sashing. Then I added a couple of borders and called it good. I am quite pleased with myself for actually taking the time to re-do this. And it makes me smile to think that the red border fabric is from the '80's! It is a VIP fabric that has been with me forever -- at that time a rare cotton calico. So this is quilt is "saved" in more than one sense of the word! Oh, and credit where credit is due, these were sampler style blocks from crazy mom quilts.


  1. The quilt shop is amazing! Look at all those shelfs just full of fabric! Wow!! I've made the little This & That pattern's a good one!

  2. I like the quilt with the black background, stars and a bit of applique.
    I thin piecing a back like you did is perfectly okay. It gives some interest and uses up stash.