Monday, November 30, 2009

At last it's time

to start the Christmas decorating! Here is the first piece to go up. Well, actually it stays up in my sewing room all year long because it is so 3 dimensional it can't be packed away. But it is a favourite and once it is on the front door it feels like Christmas. It sure does make a mess to do the decorating, though doesn't it? It takes me a long time to just unpack everything. I like to open out the leaves of my dining room table and put all the tree ornaments on it so that everything is available as I start putting them on the tree. Even so I end up moving things around on the tree.
Just look at all this stuff! Lot's of red. I have been married 40 years and some of these ornaments have survived from almost the beginning. My tastes have changed over the years but I still like to hang all the old ones. I like a really electic mix although overall primitive and country is my style.
I admire people who come up with a theme (sometimes a new one every year) and then stick totally to it. When we were house hunting last time one house we looked at was totally western. I mean, absolutely every item in that house had a western theme. Even the clothes in the closet. Even the stacks of books in the bathroom for reading were Zane Grey novels! It was really cool, but I just could not do that.
I did get some new things this year. Talk about electic -- don't you love these dots? Ever since I went to that craft barn in October chartreuse has been on my mind. These were only a buck a piece at Craft Warehouse. That's a small NW chain. Oh, that reminds me, there is a sign up at a construction site a few miles away from my house -- Hobby Lobby is coming to town! How exciting is that? I used to live in Hobby Lobby country. Then, before my mom passed, every time I visited her I visited Hobby Lobby. I can hardly wait until it opens. It won't make it by Christmas, though.
These are from a craft fair. Isn't the tag cute? I need to learn how to do stitchery.
Then, from JoAnn's, half price, primitive distressed candy canes. Very cute I think.
But these are even cuter! Resin, but really nice deep colour. And cute hooks. A little spendier though, so just got a few. 3 of course, following the rule of 3.
I have managed to complete the decorating but it is too dark for picture taking tonight. So be prepared for picture overload next time! Meanwhile I will go blog hopping and see what y'all have done!


  1. Wow! INcredible!! You have some lovely ornaments! Can't wait to see the pictures with everything in place!

  2. I love that stitchery tag...I've got that pattern and yet to have made it or the numerous others! I sure wish we had a JoAnns so I could get a few of those candy canes too! I'll be back to visit real soon!

  3. You do have quite a mix of ornaments but oh the memories you must have with many of them.

  4. You're further than I am with decorating; it's beginning to look like Christmas for sure!