Sunday, November 15, 2009


is what I am. I don't seem to have a good idea of what I want to do next so I am doing a bunch of things at the same time. Actually what I am doing best is making a mess of my sewing room. See what I mean? I am in the middle of cutting out squares to make the turkey table topper Kim showed a week or two ago. She generously offered instructions for it so I started it. Then you can see a pile of hidden 9 patch blocks. I made a bunch of them a month or two ago from scraps and then decided that some of them were really ugly. So I took some apart, redid them, and then made a few more. Now I have 3 piles -- one of kind of pastel colours, one of brights, and one of the dark more primitive colours I usually use. Just need to lay them out, that doesn't seem too challenging now does it?

Then see that pile of denim? I am trying to psych myself up to make Turkey Jack. Years (and years) ago I bought a teddy bear pattern and cut the pieces out of old denim jeans. Then I put the pattern and the pieces in a basket and left them there for I am thinking at least 10 years. Amazing isn't it that I managed to put the pattern and the pieces in the SAME basket? Anyway I hauled it out and decided that putting it together would be good practice and a confidence builder. I hope.

I did manage to finish the stitching on this little cross stitch. It is a Lizzie Kate pattern from the '90's. No backstitching so it was really quick. Kind of unusual colours, too. And I have all the way until next October to figure out how to finish it. Wonder if I will make that deadline? Want to see more of the mess? Here is the view from the other end of the tables. (I have 3 of them lined up against each other so I have room to cut, something to support quilts when I am machine quilting, and of course, room to pile.) Those red bins hold pieces of cross stitch fabric, some of it edge stitched and ready to be used. I have been wanting to make a few cross stitched Christmas ornaments. They should go fast so it's just possible I could get them done in time to use them this year.

Then there are several piles of fabric pulled for several different projects. Oh, and the stack of books -- looking for ideas. Like I need more!

I have kind of rounded myself up to work on something to hang over my pantry for Christmas. I really like the fall quilt up there so decided I need one for every season. Since I do my gingerbread display on the cabinet next to the pantry I pulled out another well aged pattern. Of course the size has to be modified. Here was my first layout.

I decided I didn't like the half blocks with the stars and hearts so I replaced them with more trees and I think this layout is better.
I really need to do a bit of clean up in the room but somehow that is going to have to wait a bit I think. Machine blanket stitching here I come. Stay tuned for some progress.


  1. Your sewing room looks a lot like mine has been lately. I am in the middle of a clean up.

  2. If there is no mess it means you're not doing anything!! You've been VERY busy! :o)

  3. My sewing area is a mess too! I have been kind of unmotivated lately and so I am working on a few different things. I love the witche's hat stitchery, turned out really cute!