Sunday, November 8, 2009

Turkey Jack

Who, you may ask, is Turkey Jack? Well, this is Turkey Jack.

The copyright date on this pattern is 1998 and I am sure I have owned it this long and never made it. Dolls, hmm, lots of work. My very favourite annual craft bazaar is at our local high school and every year a mother/daughter team are there and one of the items they have for sale is Turkey Jack. For in the neighbourhood of $40-$50. A little too rich for my blood. But I want a Turkey Jack. So a few months I pulled out the pattern. After reading through all the notions and things I would need to make him I decided that $40-$50 was not looking so expensive after all. So yesterday, off I went to the high school. The booth was not in its usual spot. After looking hard I found them in a smaller booth in another aisle. And no Turkey Jacks. In fact hardly anything at all. What's up? They have decided to get out of the business. This is their last year, and they are selling what is left. Grrr. Why is it always this way. That's not all -- I rushed home and could NOT find the pattern anywhere. But as you can see, I did find it this morning. Right where it was supposed to be and where I had looked yesterday. So now I need to make a list of all those notions. Somehow I think ol' Jack will not be ready for the big day this year.

And to add insult to injury my other favourite booth was not there either. The Quilted Banty (hmm, do I detect a fowl theme here) was also MIA. Even though I like to shop the online store it is always fun to see her samples. Oh, well.

Just so you don't leave here with a turkey craving unsatisfied though, I will walk you through my Thanksgiving decorations. I made the switch last week and as you will see I have plenty of thrifted turkeys. But first, here is my latest project. I have all the blocks together and just need to decide on the border. This striped fabric was my original plan. In fact I chose many of the fabrics in the blocks based on the colours in it. But now I don't think I like it too much. Tell me what you think. This or something else, and if something else, what?

Okay, time to talk turkey! here is a little felt guy. He had only one googly eye as the other had disappeared leaving only a glue glob behind. I did buttons because as you know, I don't glue.
I love these little figures. I had just a couple and found another girl last year so had to have her. The rule of threes don't you know? They are by Eddie Walker I think.
Recently we found this pilgrim couple. They are wood but make me think of the cardboard cutouts teachers used to use to decorate their classrooms. Mr THQ made them some nifty stands so they would stand up nice and tall.
Now onto the turkeys. Nice colours on this one.
Well, not exactly a turkey here, but turkey aura I guess!
This is one from Hallmark a number of years ago.
Oh, remember the old barn bazaar I went to a couple of weeks ago? That is where this doll came from.
Here is a closer look. I own the fabric in the hearts. You know I always like to look for fabrics I own. In fact I had just used up almost the last of it for backings recently on some small items.
Another wooden turkey. Don't you just love the kitties too? Man, I just don't get why people get rid of this great stuff!
This is a little traditional and classy for me and was framed beautifully. It can only stay out a short time but that's okay. Sorry about the flash. I tried every which way to avoid that but did not find the way.
Wooden, and a little fabric. Cute way to do the feathers. I like the heart nose, too.
And here is the Thanksgiving lid for my box.
I really like lots of Boyd's Bears and I really should like these pilgrim bears more than I do. For some reason they don't appeal to me all that much but they are kind of cute here.
Now this item is a mystery. I am making the assumption that it is turkey feathers. But it could be peacock feathers. Or not feathers at all. This is all there was. It is big and it was challenging to find it a home. One of these days something cool will occur to me to do with it. I thought of putting the "Gobble, gobble" sign in front of it...
Another wooden one. This little guy has hooks and little chains in his shoulders so I guess he once hung from a sign of some sort. He has really detailed painting.
Well, that's it. Now the seasonal decorating holds tight for a few weeks. Then it is time for Christmas. The big one as they say. I always go way overboard for Christmas. You have been warned...


  1. WOW! YOu go over board for Thanksgiving!! Some lovely things and I LOVE YOUR QUILT border and ALL!

  2. Great decorations! The border material seems a little busy with everything that is going on in the quilt. What about a thin solid border and then the stripe outside of that, to allow a visual break. I think it would look really nice. Can't wait to see how you finish it!

  3. You have way more Thanksgiving decorations than I do. Know what you mean about making dolls or anything you might consider similar to doll making. The cost can add up.

  4. I really like your blog. I have been perusing it instead of sewing though! You certainly are a prolific quilt maker. Thanks for sharing!