Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ta Da

The bear is a bear! And he actually looks like a bear! I did have quite a bit of trouble with the ears and with getting him closed up after he was stuffed. Probably complicated by the unfortunate placement of some of the thick double seams from the old jeans, but a bear it is! Here is another view. Wow, look at that ironing board cover! And it's my new one. It doesn't look that bad in real life I don't think. Hmmm. Anyway, this bear is quite large. The pattern had a small, medium and large and based on the difficulty in turning his arms and legs I am sure glad I hadn't cut the small one out.
I have been reading other blloggers who are getting the urge to do Chistmas and it is catching! So I decided to make a few new things for my tree. Like I need any! Isn't this a cute design? It is a free one from 123 Stitch by Vivian Bales. Even my finishing isn't too bad.
And here they are together. You would think I made them to go together, huh? I know he doesn't have eyes or a nose. He isn't going to. I have been known to totally wreck things when adding faces. Trust me. I have a snowman wallhanging that will never see the light of day unless I do a snowman-ectomy and replace them due to bad face drawing. I have a bear my daughter gave me some years ago that is made from old flour sacks and he doesn't have a face, so I figure I can get away with it!
It's been kind of fun to do some cross stitching. Especially the instant gratification you get with these small simple things.
It's so hard to believe December is almost here. I am responsible for setting up the "12 Days of Christmas" celebration at work and have almost got it ready to go. I do the same things every year pretty much but like to change it up a bit. We get a gift list from the local Soroptomist Club. Their list is way bigger this year but our company is considerably smaller so we can't take as many names. We used to get just kid's names but year before last we added needy seniors and it is really cool how much everyone enjoys buying gifts for the seniors. I love seeing all the gifts under the tree before we deliver them. I will have to remember to take a picture.

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  1. Both pieces look wonderful! Thank you for finding my blog and letting me know you finished one of my designs. It looks great with the bear LOL.

    Have a great weekend!