Monday, June 20, 2011

Let's finish the Emmett quilt show pictures

This was my very favourite quilt at the show. Mr THQ said it looked like a formica table top from the fifties and it kind of does -- the colours certainly are very fifties and it kind of has that boomerang look. It is a Buggy Barn and when I came home and looked it up it appears that the fabric choices I was so enamoured of were all part of the kit. So at least I don't have to be quite so envious of the colour choices -- after all, they were done by a PROFESSIONAL. I always like samplers. Lot's of applique on this one. I like how the borders go all roundy.

Not my colours at all seeing how this one comes across as pastel, but I loved the churn dash border.

This one said it had been made a while back and the colours show that. I have made these kinds of hearts. They are fun and easy.

Isn't this a cute little one? I love the border.

This one was up high, at least way too high for me to get a good look at it. I like the snowy looking backgrounds.

More Buggy Barn. Of course, I have 4 BB books but none of them are the ones that have the quilts from this show that I liked. Go figure. Nice cats but what I really love is the funky flowers. I had seen this one in the most recent "Quilt Sampler" magazine in one of the pictures. It wasn't labeled but I figured it was a BB and now I know that it is.

Don't you find when you look at all the shop pics in that magazine that they never identify the quilt you want to know about? I have called shops in the past to get pattern names but they take the pics so far in advance that sometimes it is hard to get the answer, and even harder to get the pattern.

Another little one. More my colours. I once tried to make all the little quilts in one of the Little Quilts books and got about half way. I guess I should resurrect that project. Small ones are almost instant gratification. And I can pin baste them on my cutting table so I don't have to get all my stuff out and moved around in the dining room.

See, another Buggy Barn. I would never in a hundred bazillion years thought of doing any BB pattern in neutrals. Of course I would never in a hundred bazillion years think of doing anything in neutrals. But this is really striking and I like it a lot.

Another green and red one.

And I don't really like the colours of this one at all but I like the pattern. It really has a 3 dimensional look to me even though it is flat. The description said it took 2 special rulers!

This one has yo yos as flower centers. I liked the addition of the lavender colour in it.

And another fun applique quilt. I really like the sunflowers on this one.

Well, that does it for Emmett this year. We are heading up to Council on Thursday for their show and then the weekend brings the Boise show. So be prepared for lots and lots of quilt show pictures. June is a great month!


  1. I LOVED them all...thanks for sharing!!

  2. The sunflower quilt is a cute one. Very whimsical looking. The sampler quilt strikes my fancy too. The pattern looks familiar. I like the colors used for the sampler quilt.