Friday, June 17, 2011

Let's go to the Emmett quilt show, shall we?

Hard to believe that's already time for the Emmett Cherry Festival which means quilt show. Cherries were not ready again this year as the weather has not cooperated at all so we will have to make another trip for them in a week or two. Meanwhile let's go to the show. Here is a little bit of a closer look at this one. You know I love scrap quilts but I really really like that all the tan bits in this quilt are the same. Love the colours. Very autumnal. Speaking of autumnal, I always thought I was a winter, not that I really ever cared enough to get my colours "done" but I had a book from the library written by the stylist for "Mad Men" and she had a web link for checking out your colours. Of course I have lost it now and it only goes by hair colour but according to it I am an autumn. While my clothes don't particularly show it my taste in quilts sure does!

I love this one. I love the sort of half rail fence blocks. And my other favourite colours for quilts has to be reds and greens of which this quilt has an abundance.

Yeah, I know, I forgot to rotate this one. Just ignore the flowers on their side! I love churn dashes. I think they have passed stars as my favourite block.

This one is so happy.

And I love these colours and the polka dots. This was a Christmas line last year or the year before wasn't it? I remember thinking I wasn't sure about the aqua but the polka dots really do it for me. Oh, that purple around the edges is the quilt behind it, so don't go thinking someone added a purple border!

Here is a closer look at those polka dots.

Cute, cute, cute. I have never seen this pattern which kind of surprises me as I love Halloween quilts. You can't see it but the skeleton had a gold lame tooth.

Cute stitchery.

Red and green. And my now second favourite block -- stars. This had some purple in it. The corner posts and some in the star blocks and it looked great. The sashing is a tiny lined plaid that was tan, red, green, and purple.

This is just the first installment. I have about as many pictures left to share but thought I should divide it up into two posts. The Emmett show is not real big but they always have quilts I like. Of course, you only get to see the ones I liked -- a curated display!

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  1. The skeleton caught my eye. A very good Halloween style quilt.