Thursday, January 29, 2009

I was going to say

that I really don't have any Valentine's Day quilts to show. But I realized that if we are talking hearts then I am in business. I love hearts and stars and decorate with them everywhere. Here are a few hearts from the master bedroom and bathroom. Just ignore the naked pillows, okay? I should have thought of the shams before I took the picture. Oh, well. You might recognize this quilt as a Buggy Barn pattern.
Mr THQ made a shelf and rod thingie for me over the bedroom windows. I filled up the shelf with things I like and made the valance. This heart design is from a Nancy Doan pattern. She is local.
We have one of those big corner tubs. Mr THQ put up some old moulding over the windows. Here the same hearts hung ungathered from super cool red heart hooks. I am garland impaired -- never know where to put them. I stuck this one up on the hooks right after I got it and there it still is. We recently put up the corner shelf. I haven't decided what to put on it yet. Guess I should have done that before I took the picture, too.
This is one of those little skinny windows over the shower. I didn't have anything on it until I realized last summer that everything on the wall opposite the shower was totally faded. This one has eyelet trim because I didn't have quite enough of the striped background fabric. I even went back to the store where I had bought it 3 or 4 years ago. They didn't have any more. Imagine that! So there you have 3 variations on the heart theme.
This heart sits on the end of the window shelf. My company was expanding at one point and moved some of us into office space carved out of a dying mall. This was left in our "office store" and I consider it a great prize. It was always on top of my kitchen cabinets but a year or so ago I bowed to my daughter's insistence that it didn't belong in the kitchen and moved it here. I don't think she considers it the prize I do.
Maybe for next year I will make an "official" Valentine's Day quilt.


  1. I love those heart valances! They are really cute! And the colors are perfect, not to much pinks/reds, just the right mix with the lighter colors!

  2. Love the curtains. You should make pillow whams to match. Put it on your to-do list, ya right. lol