Monday, January 26, 2009

Planning a LITTLE Pillow

So I spent last week travelling for business. Cleveland in winter!!! Luckily the winter weather did not interfere with my flights. The only issue was 2 seeing eye dogs on one crowded regional jet. This is the view from my hotel window. I grew up in the East but have spent many years now in the West. This is Eastern style woods. They just look so different from the woods in the West. I think it looks really pretty with the snow.

Before I left I went thrifting so I could accept the assignment from Kim at I found a really nice 100% lambswool XL sweater from the Gap to make my pillow. While I was gone MR THQ felted it for me following my instructions to the letter. Can you believe it was an XL? It now measures 16" at its widest point. I will be making a LITTLE pillow now, won't I?
It is really soft and fluffy just a little little!

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